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What Awaits You Inside

  • Crystal Ball — Peer into the future as we strategically dissect today's startups, products, and emerging technologies. Understand where they stand and where they're headed.

  • Toolkit — Dive deep into a treasure trove of tech tools and frameworks. Assess their fit in a startup landscape, considering factors like cost, scalability, maintainability, and more.

  • Boiler Room — Venture into the heart of operations. Explore proven company processes and the best tech practices for harmonious and effective teams.

  • Code Craft — Bite-sized tutorials and snippets that demystify specific, in-depth techniques. Elevate your coding game, one craft at a time.

About the curator

Grounded in telecommunications engineering from Telecom Lille 1, my journey melds technical acumen with broad global perspectives. From France and Spain to the vibrancy of India, these varied experiences have refined my approach to technology and its multifaceted applications.

My entrepreneurial foray began with the creation of a next-generation travel guide. Although now extinct, it bestowed rich lessons in forecasting and strategic insight. These experiences sharpened my ability to assess technologies, startups, and tools critically, presenting a nuanced perspective on thriving in a capricious tech landscape.

Leading WITH, a tech agency, has afforded me a unique vantage point. By collaborating with both nascent startups and global powerhouses across industries — from banking to luxury and automotive — I've come to appreciate the subtle intricacies of processes and the vital importance of innovation. It transcends merely having the right tools; it's about grasping their intricate applications and the overarching ramifications.

Deep dives into code, comprehensive tool assessments, incisive strategy critiques, and explorations of team dynamics encapsulate my insights. Through Baby CTO, I share this rich tapestry of experiences, guiding tech enthusiasts and leaders amidst the complexities of today's tech milieu.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the journey is as crucial as the destination. With each challenge faced and insight gained, we collectively move the needle forward, shaping the future of our digital era. Baby CTO is not just a reflection of my personal voyage, but an invitation to engage, learn, and innovate together. As we traverse this path, I'm honored to share my learnings and eager to hear your stories. Together, let's champion the spirit of innovation and leadership in the tech realm.

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Leading Tech, People, and Profit: Reflections from a Decade as a Startup CTO.


Scaling from "CTO of me" to "CTO of 100 people". Didn't get there without crashing a company or two but hopefully I can give some advice to shorten that path!